Starting from Below

Fieldwork, Gender and Imperialism Now

ASSA Sondernummer: KSA-Tage 2007, Artikel 1, ISSN 1815-3704

Nancy Lindisfarne

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Lindisfarne, Nancy 2007: Starting from Below: Fieldwork, Gender and Imperialism Now. In: Austrian Studies in Social Anthropology, Sondernummer KSA-Tage 2007, Artikel 1, 18 p. URL: [AUS DER BROWSERZEILE ÜBERNEHMEN]. Zugriff: TT.MM.JJJJ.


Nancy Lindisfarne has written on topics concerning gender and the Middle East throughout her anthropological career as both a student and then a teacher at SOAS, London. She has done field research in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria. Her books include a monograph on Afghan pastoralists, Bartered Brides (published under the name Nancy Tapper); Dancing in Damascus, a book of short stories about elite families in Syria which has been published in Arabic, Turkish and English; and, most recently, Thank God, We’re Secular, about nationalism, secularism and the politics of the Turkish state. She is now writing about how young Americans see the world.

Contact (2007):
Department of Anthropology, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London